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My Philosophy


It’s very important for me that my students enjoy the challenge of improving their golf game. My philosophy is to create a fun and non judgmental learning environment for each of my students. I develop a plan for every student based on what they would like to achieve. There are many ways to play golf well, let me help you find the best way for you.



U.S. Kids Golf

Certified Coach


TPI Certified

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TPI Certified

Level 2 Junior


Positive Coaching Alliance

Double-Goal Coach Certified

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Titleist Fitting Specialist

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Student Testimonials

I have been working with Michael since the age of 14. Michael has an amazing talent in teaching golf in a fun and creative way at a high level. During my time working with Michael, I learned and developed skills in technical shot making and competitive areas which have helped me to become a well-rounded golfer.

The most important things I learned from Michael is to work hard, work smart and that there is no one way to swing a golf club or play golf. Michael has the ability to understand what makes a player good, and can work with each individual to improve on both their strengths and weaknesses.

Michael has a drive to learn and achieve more as a coach that comes from a passion for the sport and seeing improvement and success in his players. I highly recommend Michael to any golfer or team who is looking for great improvement to their game.

Wil Arnold

Our 11 year old son has been taking Coach Michael’s private lessons for 5 years. Michael is a friendly, enthusiastic coach. We greatly appreciate his creative instruction and warm encouragement that positively motivates our son.


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